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Updated: Jan 31

Losing 50 pounds in 30 days sounds great on the surface, but the deprivation required to even attempt such a feat would leave any of our bodies starving for nutrients and hormonal imbalanced. Quick “fixes” like this can also cause harm to our mental health, influencing our interactions with food to be less than healthy.

So what, do we just give up? Stay in an unhealthy place because even trying is useless?


I suggest we instead sit down with ourselves and first accept where we are. We are here, we cannot change overnight, and we don’t need to.

Then we should be honest with ourselves- why do we want to change? Is it for a good reason (i.e. a health issue) or do we just want to be skinnier or curvier or whatever society around us says we should be?

To make a change that is healthy, and that will stick, we need to have a good reason and we need to have educated help.

One reason to workout and eat healthy is to age with strength and dignity. This is one of my personal “whys”. I don’t want to have so much back pain that I can’t hold my grand babies someday, or have so much knee pain I can’t walk up stairs on my own.

This is a deep “why” that encourages me to make healthy choices instead of a “quick fix” that encourages me to make unhealthy, even dangerous choices.

A healthy change will make you feel stronger and more energetic over time, while an unhealthy change will wear you down, making you weak and tired.

Let’s make healthy changes this year, and leave the “quick fixes” in 2022. If you need educated help and accountability, everyone here at Physique Boutique is here to listen and help with real solutions!

Stay strong ladies!

-Christi Strickland, Manager

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Updated: Jan 31

The new year can be intimidating! Most of us want to grasp that fresh opportunity and make the most of it- and that can make us feel like we need to do everything at once. Of course, we can't actually do it all right here, right now, so we quickly become overwhelmed and that is what makes us quit by February! It's not because you are incapable of making change, but because you've required to much of yourself.

Ever heard the expression "trying to drink water from a fire hose"? Yeah. Not the best way to stay hydrated. Just like more water doesn't equal better hydration in every situation, more goals, checklists, and new changes doesn't automatically equal a better life.

Instead of trying to do it all this year, let's take it "one sip at a time".

I suggest every two weeks making one sustainable change. By sustainable, I mean could you do that thing until you're 90 years old?

The cabbage soup diet is a good example of an unsustainable change. There is no way you are only eating cabbage soup until you are 90 years old. Sure, you'll lose weight if you do that diet, but after a month you will be "hangry" and malnourished, and your body will force you to go back to eating like you did before, and therefore you will go back to the weight you were before.

Deciding to drink water during your afternoon break instead of the Coke you usually drink is a sustainable change. It's small, it's doable, and over time as you add many small changes together, the big changes will happen on their own as a result!

What is the first small, sustainable change will you wish to make?

If you need help and support, the women at our gym, the coaches and members alike, would love to help you stay accountable! We are a community of women who want to see you succeed! Come to our group classes to experience that community, or book a personal training session and get some one-on-one specialized advice!

Happy 2023! Let's make this year sustainable!

-Christi Strickland, Manager

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Updated: Dec 14, 2022

To celebrate our one year anniversary, we would like to offer our All Access Pass with Unlimited Classes for a special monthly membership fee of $50! We appreciate all the support this last year and we really would like to see everybody take advantage of this very special offer. Just click the button below to get started on your dream of feeling better, everyday!

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