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Quick fixes fail as quickly as they "fix"

Updated: Jan 31

Losing 50 pounds in 30 days sounds great on the surface, but the deprivation required to even attempt such a feat would leave any of our bodies starving for nutrients and hormonal imbalanced. Quick “fixes” like this can also cause harm to our mental health, influencing our interactions with food to be less than healthy.

So what, do we just give up? Stay in an unhealthy place because even trying is useless?


I suggest we instead sit down with ourselves and first accept where we are. We are here, we cannot change overnight, and we don’t need to.

Then we should be honest with ourselves- why do we want to change? Is it for a good reason (i.e. a health issue) or do we just want to be skinnier or curvier or whatever society around us says we should be?

To make a change that is healthy, and that will stick, we need to have a good reason and we need to have educated help.

One reason to workout and eat healthy is to age with strength and dignity. This is one of my personal “whys”. I don’t want to have so much back pain that I can’t hold my grand babies someday, or have so much knee pain I can’t walk up stairs on my own.

This is a deep “why” that encourages me to make healthy choices instead of a “quick fix” that encourages me to make unhealthy, even dangerous choices.

A healthy change will make you feel stronger and more energetic over time, while an unhealthy change will wear you down, making you weak and tired.

Let’s make healthy changes this year, and leave the “quick fixes” in 2022. If you need educated help and accountability, everyone here at Physique Boutique is here to listen and help with real solutions!

Stay strong ladies!

-Christi Strickland, Manager

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